Do you have a commercial location in need of paint? When you call in a commercial painting contractor, they can help you with a lot more than just a coat of paint. They can help you:

  • Cover your area with anti-graffiti and an anti-pollutant finishTips From A Commercial Painting Contractor
  • Provide textured coatings
  • Provide fire resistant coatings
  • Use low VOC paints and finishes
  • Diamond grinding or acid etching for prep to protect against grease and chemicals
  • Provide floor coatings, including epoxies, polyurethane and anti-slip coatings
  • Provide thermal reflective coatings for insulation

Because some of these chemicals are toxic when applied, using a commercial painting contractor will ensure they know what they are doing and how to apply to product safely for you and your environment. They also understand they are working in a public place in many cases, and will take the appropriate precaution against exposing the public to dangerous particles and fumes.

Because commercial painting contractors typically work with a variety of different products, its important to hire an expert that has the experience working with commercial locations. You don’t want your building or property to be the first for an inexperienced painter trying to make his way into the business.

In order to choose a contractor, follow the standard rules when finding and hiring a company.

1. Choose at least three companies and ask for quotes

2. Check their qualifications, including experience, licensing, insurance, and how active they are in the community

3. Get references

In some fields – plumbing or electricians for example – a license is required in order to do business. That isn’t the case here in Colorado when it comes to painting. Painters are required to get the standard business permits, but it is possible to find unlicensed painters working out of the back of a truck, low-balling a bid to earn a few extra dollars on the side. That’s a big risk for anyone spending days on a commercial job site, or working with hazardous materials. A licensed commercial painting contractor is someone who takes their business and reputation seriously, and will make sure you receive a quality job at a fair price.

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