Spring is here. Time to get outside and begin those warm weather projects that keep your home in tip top shape.

Once your wood deck, fence, arbor, pergola, or other built in project is complete, it must withstand the elements year after year. And here in Colorado, that can mean warm and sunny one day, below zero and snowy the next. That’s a lot for any wooden structure to take. And without adequate protection, it will quickly show its wear, and become more of an eyesore than a beautiful part of your landscape.Staining Your Decks, Fences, Arbors, Pergolas and More

If your deck, fence, arbor, pergola or other structure has withstood the elements of this past winter, its time to revive it by applying stain or paint. Staining lets you see the wood grain and preserves its beautiful, natural color. Paint hides the grain, yet can provide an attractive finish that either matches or compliments your home and surroundings.

Like paint, stains come in a variety of colors and types. Stains are meant to provide UV protection, and to provide a transparent finish that protects the wood at the same time. Stain typically will not last years like paint; instead, a fresh coat of stain at the beginning of each season will provide you with protection and a look you can enjoy.

If you have a newly built structure, its best to allow the wood structure to season at least three weeks before you apply the stain. This gives the wood ample time to settle into your environment, and adjust to the stresses it will now bear in its new location.

Likewise, its best if your structure is completely dry before you stain it. If there is dew or even frost on the ground, wait until the weather clears and your structure has had at least a day or two to dry out once again.

Also, its best not to apply stain in direct sunlight. Early morning, late afternoon, or a cloudy day is best.

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