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Using Epoxy Floor Coating For Your Industrial Operation

When it comes to your industrial or commercial operation, some things have to be done the right way the first time. Your floors, for instance, will be in constant use once your operation gets underway. Finding the downtime to carry out floor repairs will cost you in time, money and efficiency.

One of the best choices for floor coverings is an epoxy coating. Epoxy coatings were developed to toughen the flooring and make it more durable. Its an obvious choice when protecting the floor and making it safe for employees and customers alike.Using Epoxy Floor Coating For Your Industrial Operation

Epoxy coatings are suitable for concrete and metal flooring types, and have been used in all kinds of business operations: manufacturing plants, warehouses, healthcare facilities, airline hangars, auto dealer showroom floors, and garage bays.

Epoxy floor coatings are painted on in liquid format which hardens into a new surface material over the old one. The old concrete or metal is the base, so it needs to be clean from dirt and grime, and repaired so large chips or cracks won’t impact the final results.

What makes it so powerful?

Its resistant to liquid spills. Industrial flooring is often subjected to a lot of foot traffic and a variety of spills. Epoxy flooring is resistant to liquid spills and will prevent seepage into the floor material, while maintaining its original finish. If you’re used to the qualities of concrete, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in a floor coated with epoxy.

It protects from abrasion. As an industrial operation, you probably have a variety of heavy equipment in use every day. Epoxy coatings help protect the floor from damage produced by equipment and machinery.

Its easy to clean. Since epoxy coatings are resistant to water, chemicals, oil, grease and other solvents, you’ll find it much easier to clean than a traditional flooring surface. Dirt can easily be mopped away. For tougher stains, a soft cleaning solution will remove most spills. Meaning your facility costs will go down because you won’t have to replace the flooring or have major cleaning on a regular basis.


Get Ready For Summer With A Garage Floor Epoxy

Want to know the one place in your home that has the toughest time during the winter months? Your garage. It deals with extreme cold as you open and close the garage doors throughout the day; water, ice and snow as you drag it in on your tires; and even chemicals and sand that lie eating away at your concrete after the snow melts.

As we get ready for summer, and will spend a lot of our time outside enjoying the weather, why not turn your garage into something more than a dingy, old storage place?Get Ready For Summer With A Garage Floor Epoxy

Today’s garages can be a whole lot more. And one of the easiest and most impressive places to start is from the ground up.

If your garage floor is stained with oil, grease, dirt and rust, you can easily give it new life with a paint made exclusively for garages: a garage floor epoxy. These paints are made exclusively for concrete floors and will provide adequate slip resistance for when the floor gets wet (guaranteed here in Colorado). They come in a variety of colors, styles and patterns.

Regardless of the product you choose, the results will be dependent on how well the product is laid. Like all painting projects, prep work is everything.

Floors need to be solid surface, free of cracks and chips, free of grease and grime. If you have cracks in the flooring, a concrete filler should be used to make it a smooth surface. Also make sure you use a floor cleaner, including a degreaser, to make the surface as clean as possible.

Most garage floor epoxy projects fail because the surface wasn’t prepared in the correct manner, or the surface temperature was too low to allow sufficient bonding. Temperature guidelines are in place for a reason; waiting the extra week or two will ensure a proper application and a longer life overall.

Also remember that the garage floor epoxy should have a chance to bond before use. The floor may be dry to the touch in a matter of hours, but its best if you give it a full day to cure before walking on it, and a full week before driving your car on it.

Give your garage a new look this summer; schedule your garage floor epoxy project today.


The Ultimate Man Cave – Starting With The Floors

Every member of the family needs a room in their home they can call their own.The Ultimate Man Cave – Starting With The Floors

  • A woman may claim a walk in closet, a bathroom with the bath tub of her dreams, or an immaculate gourmet kitchen.
  • A child will be happy with a bedroom and a door to retreat into after a busy day at school.
  • And for a man, the ultimate playroom may just be the man cave. It may be a basement transformed into a pub and game room for poker nights and football games. Or it may be a garage with everything needed for working on the dream cars he’s been eying.

When it comes to developing the ultimate man cave, the best place to start is with a theme.

First develop a theme based around your personality and interests. Choose a room and decide on the purpose. Are you a sports fanatic? A car enthusiast? What is one element you would like to see in your space – a big screen tv, a pool table, or the ultimate tool box?

With your interests in mind, select the room of your choice and get started … from the floors up. What if your game room had its own mini basketball court? Or if your garage had a shiny, showroom quality floor?

Its all possible with an epoxy coating. You can choose from many styles, many colors, all perfect to coordinate with whatever décor you are dreaming of. Its easy to install, easy to maintain. And it’s the perfect flooring to keep clean, no matter if your football playoff party gets a little wild, or you have a little “fight” with the engine of your refurbished car.


7 Benefits Of Using Epoxy Floor Coatings In Your Garage

We are all familiar with the bare, boring look of an uncoated concrete garage floor.  It’s rather unimpressive and easily forgettable.

Concrete floors can also be a bit difficult to keep in good repair if you use it for much more than parking your car.  Anyone considering using their garage for more than parking might benefit from using an epoxy floor coating in their garage.7 Benefits Of Using Epoxy Floor Coatings In Your Garage

1. Epoxy floors look much better than plain concrete flooring.  Epoxy finishes provide a finished polish to an otherwise drab concrete floor.  Also, since there are several colors to choose from, you can color coordinate your flooring to match the rest of your garage and home decor.

2. Epoxy flooring is non-porous.  As a result, a floor treated with epoxy is water resistant and less prone to staining than regular concrete.  This also provides some protection from the variances of weather changes.

3. Epoxy flooring is easier to care for than concrete flooring.  Due to the non-porous nature, stains are much easier to clean on epoxy flooring than on untreated concrete.  A bit of soap and warm water, a rag, and a little elbow grease will get most spills or stains off of an epoxy floor.

4. Epoxy floors are more durable than untreated concrete.  The treatment provides concrete floors with an extra layer of protection that strengthens the concrete.  So, epoxy floors hold up better to the wear and tear associated with working out of a garage.

5. Epoxy floors can easily hide blemishes in a currently laid concrete floor.  Epoxy flooring is applied in a liquid type state, allowing it to flow into and fill blemishes in the concrete below.

6. Epoxy is an inexpensive flooring option for garages.  Low cost for application and upkeep…Need we say more?

7. Epoxy is easy to prep for and easy to lay.  Concrete needs a simple washing and clearing to prep for an epoxy coating.  Application is simple enough that any homeowner could do it.


Commercial Floor Upgrade – Using Epoxy Floor Coating

Looking to make your commercial location a cleaner, safer place this year? Why not consider using an epoxy floor coating on all of your high traffic area?

Commercial Floor Upgrade – Using Epoxy Floor CoatingEpoxy floor coatings are a cost effective way to provide you with easy maintenance and durability that will keep your floors looking their best well into the future. Instead of using industrial carpeting, which can quickly show wear and tear, epoxy floor coatings go on quickly and provide you with a look and feel that’s easy to care for and looks good in the process.

We’ve applied epoxy floor coatings in a variety of locations, including:

  • Changing/Dressing rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Dining areas
  • Hallways
  • Kennels
  • Kitchens
  • Labs
  • Locker rooms
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Operating rooms
  • Pharmacies
  • Pool decks
  • Reception areas
  • Restrooms
  • Retail areas
  • Service areas
  • Show room floors
  • Storage areas

Epoxy floor coatings can provide many benefits.

  • Offer a durable, slip resistant surface that can withstand harsh chemicals and compounds.
  • Offer an attractive appearance with long lasting results.
  • Provide a seamless look that’s easy to care for and clean – no waxing or grout cleaning required.
  • Provides high moisture tolerance with a waterproof surface.

If your commercial location here in the south Metro Denver area needs a new look for the new year, give us a call and let us show you why an epoxy floor coating may be the perfect solution.