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Plan Now For A Greener Exterior Paint Job This Summer

With the warmer weather just around the corner, now is the time to start planning a new exterior paint job for your Highlands Ranch home.

A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to make your home look like new again. Plan Now For A Greener Exterior Paint Job This SummerHowever, in this day and age of living “green” and protecting the environment, you should consider a greener exterior paint job for your home. Here are some tips to help you plan a greener exterior paint job for your home this summer.

  • Choose only paints that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These paints are the better choice for the environment because they do not have the harmful fumes and toxins contained in traditional paints. Yes, you will pay a higher price for the use of these paints – but you will also not suffer the same side effects of the paints, and you will be protecting the environment from the toxins.
  • Make sure you utilize lead-safe practices, too. When dealing with lead in any manner, there are strict regulations. If your home is older and possibly has lead paint, you need to protect yourself, your family, and the environment from the harmful effects of the lead.
  • Choose quality equipment and take care of that equipment. All paint jobs are not created equal. Sure, you can get the cheapest paint you can at the home discount store and slather it on with any old paint brush. But will it cover completely and protect your home? Will it last for years to come? True value comes in a professional paint job, with a professional application. It’s the only way to benefit from the latest technology, and provide you with the best coverage possible.
  • Recycle any leftovers, including paints and cans. When you recycle, you are doing one more thing to protect the environment. You can recycle leftover paint by using it for another project around your home. For instance, painting a bench or swing the same color as your home will not only get rid of that leftover paint, it will also provide a beautiful accent piece for your landscaping.

Planning To Sell In The Spring? Start With A Professional Paint Job Now

You’ve read all the books that tell you the best time to sell your home is in the spring. And with spring just around the corner, you might be planning just such a move.

You probably know that now is the time to start your planning process. Because once you meet with your agent, things will happen quickly. And before you know it you’ll be out of your old home and into a new one.Planning To Sell In The Spring? Start With A Professional Paint Job Now

But before you call in the realtor, its time to complete a few long overdue projects first. One of them being a professional paint job. The simple fact is a fresh interior paint job is one of the simplest, most effective ways of livening up your home, and creating the ambiance of everything being brand new.

Sounds like the perfect things for your home? Here are a few tips to help you complete the project in a timely manner.

Why Interior Wall Color Is Important

Start by reducing clutter. A great realtor will share with you an easy secret to selling your home quickly: staging. The purpose of staging is to allow a potential home buyer the opportunity to see themselves in your home, instead of wandering through seeing the current occupants instead. Buy a box or two and take on a different room in your home each day. Pack up anything personal – those family photographs and nicknacks from the beach are a great place to start. They have to be packed up anyway, so this is a great way to get a jumpstart on the process.

Think show home. If you’ve ever gone through model homes to either find a home or to gain new ideas for your own, you know how the professionals approach décor. Modern, clean design, with just a touch of trendiness does the trick every time. Everything should be clean and fresh so a potential buyer will see nothing standing in his or her way of contract and moving in.

The paint. Remember when you moved in that new television … and scraped the side of the wall as you moved in the stand? Those scraps, dings and minor damage add up over time. And that bright purple bedroom your teenage daughter had to have might not be the perfect color for a new owner. Think neutral. Think clean. Think bright and inviting. Then call in your professional painter to perform miracles and liven and freshen up every room in your home. With the perfect color that’s not too white, with just a touch of brightness that makes the new homeowner say “yes”.

Contact us about your Denver Interior House Painting ideas today.


Spring Maintenance: What Exterior Painting Can Do

Its almost that time of year. The days are getting longer. The warmer days are mixed in with the cold, snowy ones. Soon we’ll back to enjoying what we love most about Colorado – being outside as much as possible.

With the warmer weather means preparing the outside so we can enjoy a fun-filled spring, summer and fall. That means getting into the garden, pulling out the outdoor furniture, and making sure everything outside is in top shape. The sooner we complete our spring maintenance projects, the quicker we can start enjoying everything.Spring Maintenance: What Exterior Painting Can Do

Where should you begin? What can you do to save time, money and energy in your strategy? The easiest place to start looking may be at your home itself. A lot of maintenance projects can be accomplished simply by looking at the condition of your paint; it can tell you a lot of things, and point you in the direction of what to do next.

Start at the top

A damaged roof will start showing signs quickly. Asphalt may peal off and begin to accumulate on the eaves or siding. If you notice grit or dirt with asphalt mixed in around the base of your home or attached to your siding, head up to the roof and take a quick look around. The sooner you get it fixed, the less damage you will sustain.

How Long Does An Exterior Paint Job Last?

Look for water stains

A gutter that isn’t working properly will quickly leave clues. You may find build up that causes a drain system to work incorrectly, causing stains or spots to accumulate either on your trim or where the water drains. Before mold and mildew set in, clean up and blockages, and look for ways to prevent blocks in the future.

What your landscaping may say

You know that bush you’ve been meaning to trim … for years? It may finally have overgrown a little too much, scraping and digging into the side of your home. Landscaping is designed to protect your home. But branches, twigs and other debris can harm your paint, and ultimately your siding if its too close for too long.

Look inside on exterior walls

Paint is designed to protect the siding, which ultimately protects all of the internal parts that make your house a home. If siding is exposed, it can penetrate and impact your structure, your insulation, even your interior wall boards. Take a quick look around at all the exterior walls inside your home. Do you see signs of damage – little spots or stains that weren’t there before? Water can travel long paths before it shows itself, so its important to find its origination point as quickly as possible.

Then schedule your exterior painting project now. Professional painters here in Colorado fill up fast for the warm spring, summer and fall months. A fresh coat of paint will help fix existing problems that have occurred over the winter, protect your home in the coming months and years, and even help you find small issues you didn’t even know existed. If its been more than a few years since your last painting project, don’t delay. Now is the time to schedule your exterior painting job, and improve your home today.


Benefits of Using Bitcoin to Pay for Your Professional Painting Service

Do you wish there was an easy, digital way to pay for your professional painting service? Well, look no further, because Bitcoin is the way to go when it comes to digital payments.

These days, it seems as if everyone is paying bills digitally. While this electronic world may seem daunting, it does offer conveniences for electronic payments and transactions. And this includes paying for all kinds of services for your home, even painting. This is where Bitcoin comes in!

Benefits of Using Bitcoin to Pay for Your Professional Painting ServiceSo what are the advantages of paying for your professional paint service and other services with Bitcoin? Here are a few:

Paying through Bitcoin is easy as well as accessible. All you need is access to the internet! The process is simple, and it doesn’t even require you to have a bank account.

Bitcoin is a global payment method. You can transfer funds from country to country with Bitcoin. It only takes a matter of minutes, compared to days with banks and other services.

How Long Does An Exterior Paint Job Last?

It doesn’t cost a lot to use Bitcoin. The fees to use the service are very low. Compared to other fees from credit card and PayPal transfers, Bitcoin’s low fees are the smart choice for payments and transfers.

Bitcoin works like email. Once you have installed a Bitcoin wallet on your computer or mobile phone, it will generate your first Bitcoin address and you can create more whenever you need one. You can disclose your addresses to your contacts so that they can pay you or vice versa. In fact, this is pretty similar to how email works, except that Bitcoin addresses should only be used once.

Even though Bitcoin is a relatively new market and isn’t’ mainstream yet, its a volatile way to pay for painting services and more. Time will only tell if others will catch on to the benefits of using Bitcoin for money transfers and payments


How A Quality Paint Job Will Save You Money

Once upon a time there was a homeowner that needed some maintenance work done on his home. The outside siding looked shabby and worn; a new paint job would surely make the home look better. Inside it had been years since paint colors were upgraded – the orange glow from the bathroom walls was anything but pleasing.How A Quality Paint Job Will Save You Money

But this homeowner had an aversion to spending money, and always looked for the best deals and the cheapest prices around. So when it came to hiring a professional painting company to do the work, after many, many phone calls and search results, he found a tiny painting company that would do the job for cheap.

The painting company consisted of one man, who spent days at his house painting over the old coats of paint. In no time he was through, collected his fee, and left for good. That’s when the trouble began.

Within a few weeks time, the homeowner began to notice problems.

  • The paint on the outside siding was already chipping and cracking.
  • The paint on the inside was fading … the brilliant orange was seeping through.

A quick phone call to the painting company yielded him a message he didn’t want to hear … the number you have reached has been disconnected.

How Long Does An Exterior Paint Job Last?

Unfortunately, stories like this one happen all too frequently.

When a painting company quotes a low price – sometimes an absurdly low fee – there is a reason.

  • They may not provide you with the prep work that will make your paint job last for years.
  • They may not use quality paints that will provide full coverage without risks of cracking or fading.
  • They may not have the expertise to look at the situation and provide all prep work and painting techniques needed for full coverage, quality work.

When it comes to hiring a professional painting company, make sure you trust they will stand behind their work every time, and provide you with quality that will last years into the future.